How to move a Pinball Machine

  1. Acquire a vehicle that will have enough room for the pinball machine. Rent or borrow one from a friend or acquaintance, if needed. Vans, pick-up trucks and station wagons or SUVs with a suitable size cargo area are all good options. A trailer towed behind a car will also work.
  2. Remove the pin balls from the machine, as well as any other loose items in the cabinets, such as screws or broken pieces.
  3. Fold down or remove the head box of the pinball machine. Most modern pinball machines have a hinge system that allows the head box to be folded down. Pad the head box with foam, blankets or heavy cardboard after you fold it onto the play-field glass. The head boxes on older machines are bolted onto the machine with two or four bolts. Remove these bolts and detach the head box.
  4. Carry the machine to the vehicle. One person should lift the front of the machine, and the other should lift the rear. The person at the rear of the machine should guide the person who is at the front of the machine, advising him of obstacles, such as doorways and turns, since the person at the front of the machine will have their back toward such obstacles.
  5. Bring the machine toward the vehicle. While one person supports the machine, the other should remove the front legs of the machine. This is accomplished by removing the two bolts through each leg. Most pinball machine leg bolts are either 5/8 inch or 9/16 inch, but they vary, so make sure you have the appropriate size socket available.
  6. Once the front legs are removed, slide the front part of the machine partially into the vehicle. Remove the back legs of the machine. Slide the machine fully into the vehicle.
  7. Strap the machine securely into the vehicle using moving straps or bungee cords. Use blankets or foam to pad the machine for protection.

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